If you have a road, driveway, or parking lot that needs fixing in Chester, Residential Paving is a great option. Maybe you have a few options you’re considering, but asphalt is a great standard that can greatly help your home and/or business. Asphalt provides safe roads that are good for your wallet, and the environment. If you need more convincing, read on for five reasons why asphalt is a good choice.

Why Hire Princeton Residential Paving?

Princeton Residential Paving

Princeton Residential Paving

Cost-Efficient | Princeton Residential Paving

At its base, asphalt is a relatively inexpensive material. What keeps it cheaper is the fact that it is easily recyclable. Bitumen is the most expensive material used to make asphalt, but all asphalt can be reheated, melted, and reused. Recycling used asphalt helps manufacturers to keep costs down, giving you a cheaper, yet reliable, material. When paving with asphalt, your area will only need one coat to stay thick and durable. You can layer it with a seal coating to expand its life, but you should not need to pay for repaving for at least 10 to 20 years.

Princeton Residential Paving | Easy Driving

Asphalt is smooth and comfortable when freshly paved. When maintained properly, this gives you an easy drive keeping your car and passengers safe. Airports pave their runways with it to give planes a softer and safer landing. This material also reduces noise, giving you a peaceful and calming drive. It’s durability keeps it feeling soft and smooth for many years at very little risk. If your asphalt job were to become damaged, asphalt repairs are easily done with the right company. You can keep your pavement smooth and durable even after decades of use.

Safety | Princeton Residential Paving

Because of its smoothness, asphalt is designed to give your tire maximum contact with the pavement, keeping your car in control on the driveway or parking lot. This is also meant to disperse and drain water built up during rain storms, reducing the likelihood of flooding and hydroplaning. Many asphalt roads and lots are also made to reduce build up of ice and snow, helping it to melt away faster than on stone or gravel paths. Asphalt can also be colored and will appear even through the elements to show you where you need to go.

Easy to Construct, Maintain and Repair

Residential Paving is a relatively quick and easy task for your paving professionals. While we recommend you wait 4-7 days after your lot is paved with asphalt, you can walk on it immediately after we finish. This job gives you much less inconvenience of waiting to drive on your property again. You also have options of either tearing up your asphalt and paving a new path, or paving an overlay on top of your previous layer of asphalt. An overlay is cheaper if possible, but both are easy to accomplish to give you a good-looking lot.

It’s Environmentally Friendly

The product America recycles most is, believe it or not, asphalt. We take this used material to plants to be crushed and remade from its exact same materials. Unlike some recycled products, asphalt will not reduce in quality when recycled. It can create just as good, if not better, roads and lots for individual and public use. This asphalt also does not wear out over time, it can be used for an eternity. We can continue to recycle these materials over and over again without a reduction in quality, and without having to add new materials to it. This material helps us, and the earth.

Princeton Residential Paving | Allways Paving

If you’re ready to look into a Princeton Residential Paving job, Allways Paving has everything you need. We have been serving Mercer County and surrounding New Jersey areas for over 20 Years. We specialize in all phases of asphalt paving, and concrete work. We provide full service paving of driveways, parking lots, walkways and private roads. We also provide paver installation for your driveway, walkway, steps or patio. For more information, give us a call or visit the website.

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