Mercer County Grading and Stone. Looking for the best grading and stoning for your driveway paving? A driveway must be accurately constructed for it to be a good investment. A driveway that is correctly constructed will give many years of service with minimum maintenance. Usually a driveway incorporates an existing crushed stone or gravel. A homeowner or business owner who wants to update or replace their driveway needs to take certain steps in getting a new driveway and having it installed correctly.

Mercer County Grading and Stone

Mercer County Grading and Stone | Choosing a Contractor

It is important to hire a reputable contractor with experience in driveways. A contractor should be familiar and have experience with grading and stone. When a homeowner hires a contractor, he should have a contract that specifically states, base construction and asphalt course which would include the pavement thickness. Always try to select a contractor known for high quality work. Get a written contract agreement.

Mercer County Grading and Stone | Thickness

All underground utilities should be protected prior to grading a driveway. The driveway should be located away from trees to prevent overgrown roots which will cause damage to the pavement in the future. There is a minimum of thickness that should be added to a new driveway. An area that is being paved should be treated with a soil agent to prevent growth after all rock and debris have been successfully removed. Grading and compaction of the area should be completed promptly. Prior to having the construction of the driveway started, all of the top soil should be removed. Soil should be removed to adjust the final driveway pavement. Surfacing an existing gravel driveway removes the issues associated with a new driveway.

Mercer County Grading and Stone | Drainage

The surface of the driveway should blend to the form of the existing ground so that the water runs over it and doesn’t become standing water. Drainage from roof downspouts and walkways should be away for the edge of the driveway. Water should not be allowed to stand on the pavement or even the pavement edges. As asphalt ages, cracks may develop. Driveways with curbs and gutters, asphalt removal may be necessary to maintain surface drainage working as it should.

Mercer County Grading and Stone | Sealing

When a pavement is properly constructed it should give many years of service. If there are some cracks a quick seal may be beneficial. Also, a seal can update the appearance of a driveway. Cars and light trucks usually do not cause damage to a pavement, yet a heavy truck may. If a heavy construction truck needs to be used in a driveway, it may be beneficial to wait at least a year so that new driveway can settle and prevent damage from the heaviness of the truck. Pavement issues con occur over time due to weakening of the soil base. These issues can produce potholes. If removal of the pavement material is needed, it should be replaced with new asphalt concrete stone.

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