Mercer County Driveways. Is it time to replace and redo your driveway? You may need an asphalt resurfacing. Even with a beautiful home, a broken-down driveway can take away your curb appeal. Driveways last for decades and a replacement of a driveway is needed eventually. There are a few signs that tell you it is time to replace your driveway.

Mercer County Driveways

Mercer County Driveways | Cracks

Are you noticing some cracks in your driveway? Harmful substances like gas and oil fall upon your driveway and make the cracks worsen. Living in extreme cold temperature areas, once the water goes into the cracks and freeze, it expands the cracks further making things worse. Some small cracks can be fixed. When you find long or deep cracks, it may be best to replace the entire driveway. This will add to your home’s curb appeal.

Mercer County Driveways | Holes

Having potholes in the driveway can actually cause damage to your vehicles. Going over a hole in the driveway can be tough on your tires and suspension system. Over time the driveway starts to weaken. A temporary filled pothole doesn’t solve the issue, eventually the pothole will continue to get bigger and expand. New materials are made to tolerate these issues than the materials used on driveways years ago.

Mercer County Driveways | Drainage

Having drainage issues in your driveway can cause serious damage. It is not good having a driveway that is uneven, because it can cause water to run and remain on the driveway, weakening the driveway eventually and increasing cracks and holes. The unevenness of the driveway can cause the rain not to drain properly therefore the water can remain and cause deterioration of your driveway. So proper drainage of the rain water is very important.

Mercer County Driveways | Appearance

Driveways can start fading in color from exposure of the sun’s rays. The sun’s rays penetrate through the driveways surface causing the color to fade away. When the driveway starts to look weathered, you may want to consider replacing it. To try and fix the fading, you can apply an asphalt sealant but if the durability of the driveway has been affected, it is best to go with a total replacement.

Mercer County Driveways | Options

There are a few options on the type of driveway you can get for your home. Asphalt driveway is typically the least expensive to install. Asphalt also doesn’t crack as easily and can last up to 20 years. A concrete driveway can cost more to install than asphalt, but it will last up to 50 years especially if it is maintained properly. A driveway made from pavers or cobblestones look very luxurious. This costs is at least twice as much as concrete. Pavers and cobblestones allow a more customized look for your driveway and it is easy to replace the pavers that break or crack since they are individually placed. Spaces between the pavers can cause weeds, grass and moss to grow, so the proper mixture needs to be added to prevent them from growing through the driveway. A new driveway can give your home a fresh new look.

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