Paving your driveway has many benefits. It gives you a smooth surface to drive and park on, and it adds to your home’s appearance. When people visit your home, and see a well- kept drive, it shows you care about your property. A smooth asphalt driveway is easier to take care of than gravel, and you aren’t constantly replacing small stones. You aren’t constantly removing them from your car or home, either. Asphalt driveways are much less maintenance than gravel, and have a longer lifespan. This is especially true if you seal the surface. Residential paving experts recommend sealing your paved driveway to give it longevity and improved appearance. By sealcoating your paved surface, you are protecting it from the elements. Sun, snow, ice and rain all have the potential to damage asphalt driveways. Ask a Mercer County emulsion sealing professional how sealing your driveway will keep it beautifully protected.

Mercer County Emulsion Sealing

Mercer County Emulsion Sealing | Preparation

Before emulsion sealcoating, your local paving professional will need to carry out any necessary repairs. They will repair all small cracks or alligator cracking. Alligator cracking refers to multiple cracks in paved surfaces, which resemble reptile scales. Any cracks or fissures allow moisture under the surface, leading to further damage. Potholes need filling in, and any vegetation growing up in it needs removal. Your paving company will also ensure that the surface is clean and clear of any automotive fluid leaks. The best time to sealcoat is shortly after driveway resurfacing, but with the correct preparation it is never too late.

Mercer County Emulsion Sealing | Protection

The purpose of sealcoating a paved driveway is to protect it. Paving your driveway is a worthwhile investment in your property, so you want to protect it and keep it beautiful. When you sealcoat your driveway you are water proofing it. Water runs off sealcoating more easily, and doesn’t collect on the surface. In the winter, ice forms on the surface if water can collect. Constant freezing and thawing cycles in colder months can stress unprotected paved surfaces. During the hot summer months, direct sunlight can also have an adverse effect on unprotected drives. Protect your driveway year round with emulsion sealing.

Mercer County Emulsion Sealing | Prevention

With superior protection comes improved prevention of future problems. Your protected paved surface is less likely to crack, keeping its appearance beautiful longer. Sealing the surface prevents water seepage, which can damage your driveway. Water can easily cause fissures and cracks to paved driveways. Sealing it prevents precipitation from permeating the surface. The surface now has a protected surface to reduce the occurrence of erosion due to collected water. Oil and gasoline spills cannot penetrate the sealcoating, adding further prevention of seepage. It also prevents damage from extreme temperatures, reducing cracks due to harsh sunlight. Reduce maintenance with the right prevention.

Sealcoating adds a protective layer to your paved driveway, retaining its beauty year round. It adds longevity to your driveway, and protects it from the harsh effects of the elements. Summer heat, and freezing and thawing of winter precipitation can damage paved surfaces. Without sealants, water can penetrate beneath the surface. Your investment deserves protecting, and your sealed driveway will add to your home’s curb appeal. The driveway is the first thing people see when they visit or pass your home, so don’t neglect its appearance. Emulsion sealants not only retain your driveway’s color and condition, they’re a safer choice for your family, and the environment. There is less maintenance, and cleaning your driveway of automotive spills is also easier. To protect your driveway, call a Mercer County emulsion sealing professional.

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